South Carolina Master Gardener Training Manual


South Carolina Master Gardener Training Manual

Loose-leafed, non-color, three-hole punch manual

Author: Robert F. Polomski, Extension Associate/Consumer Horticulture Information Coordinator, Department of Horticulture, Clemson University.

The Master Gardener program is one of the primary ways of providing urban residents with horticultural information. This manual is used in the training program that certifies Master Gardeners and prepares them to serve as volunteers with the Clemson Extension Service. The manual includes sections on Soils and Plant Nutrition, Composting, Basic Botany, Plant Physiology, Plant Propagation, Basics Entomology, Basic Plant Pathology, Basic Weed Management, Integrated Pest Management, Landscape Design, Residential Irrigation, Selecting Plants in Landscaping, Woody Plants, Herbaceous Ornamental Plants, Turfgrass, Home Vegetable Gardening, Fruit Gardening, Indoor Plants, Diagnosing Landscape Plant Problems, Communication and Teaching Methods.

Copyright Clemson University 2007

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