Life at the Water's Edge


Life at the Water's Edge: A Shoreline Resident's Guide to Natural Lakeshore and Streamside Buffers for Water Quality Protection

Authors: Clemson University Faculty members Lin Roth, Forestry and Natural Resources; William C. Stringer, Entomology, Soils and Plant Sciences; Bob Polomski, Horticulture; and Barbara J. Speziale, Agricul- ture, Forestry, and Life Sciences. Patrick D. McMillan, Curator, Clemson University Herbarium; Rick Huffman, Earth Design, Inc.; Randy G. Burroughs, ASLA; John J. Hains, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

This book received the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation 2005 Outstanding Achievement Award for interdisciplinary achievement in the renewable natural resources field. It provides lakeshore and stream- side residents with information and guidance on shoreline landscaping practices to maintain water quality. It includes contributions from scientists, landscape architects, horticulturalists, soil scientists, coastal ecologists, marine scientists, and extension professionals. The book offers direct practical solutions to shoreline landscaping problems. Topics include watersheds, shoreline natural history, life and ecology of healthy and polluted water bodies, and advantages and functions of natural buffer vegetation.

The 150-page handbook is divided into two major sections: "Why" Chapters and "How" Chapters. It includes more than 135 color photos and illustrations, a glossary of terms, appendix of plants mentioned, and a plant list for South Carolina lakershore and streamside buffers.

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