Snakes of Georgia and South Carolina


Snakes of Georgia and South Carolina

Editors: Whit Gibbons and Patricia J. West Contributing Authors: Whit Gibbons, Patricia J. West, Michael Dorcas, Kurt Buhlmann, Mark Mills, Tony Mills, John Jensen, Steven Bennett, Yale Leiden, Jimmy Hill, Andrew Bridges, and David Scott.

This book provides information about the biology of snakes in Georgia and South Carolina and information and photographs useful for identifying the snake species of the region. Topics include Snake Biology, Biodiversity, Snakes in Your Backyard, Conservation, Snakes as Pets, In Case of Snakebite, Quick Guide to Snakes (with photographs), Non-venomous Snakes, Venomous Snakes, and Snake Myths and Folklore.

This 28-page booklet includes 171 color photographs, outline maps showing the distribution of certain species, and an identification section with a photo and description of each species.

ISBN 0-9667402-0-3 Copyright 2005 by The University of Georgia

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